This is a Timeshare Sales Solicitation.

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What is a timeshare?

It is a short-term ownership of a condo. Hilton timeshares are transferable, like regular real estate, because you will be registered as an owner.(52 or 53 weeks within a year)

What is a timeshare resale?

A resale is when the property is purchased from a previous owner, and not the developer.

What procedure is necessary for resale?

We start a resale upon evaluation of the sale price and the content of the sale.When a buyer is found, we begin purchase price negotiations and when both parties agree to a price, a contractual agreement is drawn. Finalizing the sale is done in about 2 months. Fees are incurred only after successfully negotiating a sale. Please contact us for detailed information.

What is necessary for purchasing a resale property?

If you find a listed property you are interested in, contact us. We will explain toyou on the initial purchase proceedure. If no property to your liking is listed,contact us. There may be up-coming properties that may become available.

When you do find a property that interests you, we will begin negotiating with the seller, and confirm all the details. Once both parties agree, a contractual agreement is drawn, and upon signing, transfer of ownership is completed in approximately 2 months. Purchase price does not include registration fees.

Is there a difference in purchasing property direct from the developer (Hilton) or as a resale?

There are 2 things that differ in the case of Hilton.
However, nothing changes in the use of the timeshare.

Elite Member (Hotel only)

Owners of timeshare purchased from Hilton, upon accumulating 14,000 points, will become Elite Members and when staying at a Hilton Hotel, are able to receive guest room upgrades,based on availability.


Buyers purchasing direct from Hilton may upgrade to a higher level by paying the difference. Resale owners must first sell their property first, and then re-purchase the desired upgrade.

Can a cancellation be made after signing?

There is a 7 day "cooling off" period after signing, in which you may cancel. Generally, afterthat, cancellations are not allowed.

What kind of fees are incurred in resale purchases / sales?

a. $600

Registration fees are split between seller and buyer (Hilton registration fee, Legal document fee,insurance fee, escrow, postage, transfer tax)

b. Maintenance fee

c. Notary Public $100 (single ownership)

Upon sales of property, there is a referral fee in addition to the above fees. For detailed information, please contact us.

Why is there a price difference in the same product?

Unlike purchases from developers, resale property is based on the individual seller's pricing, so similar properties may have different prices.

Can we purchase under a commercial name?

It is possible to register commercially. In order to do so, the buyer must be approvedby the board, and proof of commercial registry is neccessary. We can assist you inpreparing this document. (There will be a separate fee for preparation of this document) There are other details that need to be discussed, so please contact us.