This is a Timeshare Sales Solicitation.

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Process Before Purchase      
Below is the process to transfer ownership in general. For detailed information,please refer to our information packet.
  • Attending our sales meeting

    You will be briefed on the concept of timeshare by the developers.
  • Researching the resale property

    We will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of resale properties, as well as the difference between real estate properties with the use of FAQ sheets.
  • Finding the property you want

    We will help you find the resale property that best suits your needs via online listing. You can also receive a list via fax.
  • Negotiating, starting the purchasing proceedure

    Contact us when you find the property that interests you. We will send you a purchase request sheet via email or fax. Upon filling the required information, send the sheet back to us, and we will begin negotiations.
  • Sign and begin the registration process

    Upon signing of the contract, we will begin the registration process after the initial purchase processing fee is received.
  • Cooling-off period

    There is a 1 week "Cooling-off" period after signing the contract, so if you should cancel for any reason, there will be a refund.
  • Signing the registration document

    Approximately 30 to 45 days after signing the contract agreement, we will send you escrow documents.
  • Wiring the balance

    Upon signing the registration documents, payment of the remaining balance is required. Electronic bank wire is preferred. Payment by credit card is not accepted.
  • Transfer of ownership

    When the seller and buyer both sign, and the registration fees are received, transfer of ownership is completed.
  • Time to make reservations

    Once the transfer of ownership is completed, you will be registered as a member, and when you receive your membership card, you can begin the reservation process toward your timeshare.