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Why the Low Price       

1. Price wars among sellers of the properties

In the case of timeshares, if the property shares the same points and are of the same type, then it is the same product.

So if there is a similar property offered for sale by different sellers, the lower priced property normally gets sold quicker. Motivated sellers may have various reasons (health, need cash,divorce, childbirth etc.) and will generally lower their prices.


2. Owners determine the sales price

Resale property is sold by the registered owners, and they set the price according to current market rate. Selling price is not determined by brokers. Naturally, a seller tends to set the price lower if he/she wants to sell the property sooner.


3. Cost to PR and market differs from developers

Pricing from developers reflects the various fees incurred, and the huge marketing fees are one of the reasons that differs from pricing by individual resale clients. The individual seller incurrs virtually no hidden cost, so a more reasonable pricing can be set.

Also, developers can add special incentives (to justify their selling price) but the individualseller has the ability to adjust their selling price to suit their needs.

If the same product is still available from the developer, buyers have a tendency to purchase product direct from the developer, so resale property is generally sold at a lower price to attract buyers. However, if no more new product is available from the developer, pricing is determined by the current market price.